Recent Event Recording

Denis Alexander in his recent talk on Genes, Determinism and God

Other audio lectures:

(October 2009) Daniel P. Buxhoeveden talk on God and Science in the Eastern Christian Church

lecture podcast
(24MB, 52 mins. run time)

(March 2009) Owen Gingerich lecture on Designing a Universe Congenial for Life

lecture podcast
(27MB, 65 mins. run time)

(October 2008) Edward J. Larson lecture on Science Religion and Presidential Politics, 1800 and 2008

lecture podcast
(27MB, 59 mins. run time)

(April 2006) Ernan McMullin discussion on Discerning Design and the Merits of ID Theory

lecture podcast
(22MB, 49 mins. run time)

discussion podcast
(37MB, 40 mins. run time)